2020 Midland Public School Board

The Midland City Education Association (MCEA) screening committee recently interviewed the seven candidates who are running for the four open Midland Public School (MPS) Board seats. After discussing the results of the screening process, we have decided to recommend the following candidates:

Four-year Terms (2 seats available)

Lynn Baker (incumbent)

  • Has many years of MPS School Board experience and has built relationships on the Board and with teachers

  • Closing the achievement gap and creating a DEI culture are her top priorities

  • Has been on the Board curriculum subcommittee working behind the scenes to

prioritize achievement for all students

  • Is a strong advocate for public education

  • Understands the importance of attracting and retaining quality educators through fair compensation and a supportive working environment

  • Has children who went through MPS and remains very involved in the schools when possible

John Hatfield

  • Closing the achievement gap, providing support for students’ mental health and wellness, staying committed to our DEI initiative and maintaining and improving our facilities are top priorities.

  • Has concrete ideas for attracting and retaining high-quality educators from diverse backgrounds to our teaching staff

  • Has experience on other boards

  • Has strong communication skills and concrete ideas for improving communication for all stakeholders

  • Has a vision for ways MPS can improve

  • Has two children that are MPS students


Six-year terms (2 seats available):

Scott McFarland (incumbent)

  • Has eight years of MPS School Board experience

  • Has four children who are attending MPS

  • Top priorities are high-quality education and a safe environment for all students

  • Is open to improving communication with teachers

  • Is a strong supporter of the DEI plan

  • Listens and keeps an open mind when gathering information to make a decision


Tiffany Torrain

  • Is a strong advocate for public education

  • Safety, equity and transparency are her top priorities

  • Has two children in the district

  • Has experience on other boards

  • Values communication between the Board and teachers as well as other stakeholders

Our committee hopes that you share these recommendations with family, friends, and neighbors. And, of course, please remember to vote. I would like to thank the members of the screening committee who put in two evenings to help us better understand the candidates. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the committee members. They are: Andy Filipek, Tricia Clancy, Amy Guzman, Kara Eddy, Nicole Rausch, Renaye Baker and myself.

Mark Hackbarth
MCEA President