MCDP By Laws

Midland County Democratic Party


We, the members of the Midland County Democratic Committee, do hereby establish and adopt these rules of the Democratic Party of Midland County, following Robert’s Rules of Order, for the purpose of giving full opportunity for participation in the political processes of this country.

Article 1. Party Membership

Party membership is defined as including the following:

All paid Party members; elected precinct delegates; Democratic candidates and elected Democratic officials at all levels; and those who specifically declare themselves to be Democratic Party members.

Article 2: Political Party:

Executive Committee: (as found in sec. 599 Election Laws, State of Michigan.

Every second year (following the year 1966) the delegates to the fall Democratic County Convention of Midland County shall convene at the call of the County Chairperson within 20 days following the November election to select the number of persons equal to the number of county offices and state legislative offices for which candidates were nominated at the last two preceding fall primary elections who, together with the persons most recently nominated by the Party for each of such offices shall constitute the Executive Committee. (Select number equal to Party nominees of the last two fall elections to serve together).

Filling Vacancies:

If any vacancy occurs in the position of delegate-appointed member of the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall fill the vacancy.

Hand written note We have the option to expand per State ____ ____ books.

Selection of Officers:

Within 30 days following the convening of the fall county convention, the Executive Committee shall meet and select officers of the Executive Committee who shall also serve as officers of the County Committee for the two years commencing on January 1, of the next. The officers shall be a chairperson; unlimited number of Vice-chairpersons, the first vice-chair being of the opposite sec of the chairperson; a secretary and a treasurer.

The first vice-chairperson shall be the only vice-chairperson to have all powers and responsibilities hereafter referred to in parliamentary procedure. If a vacancy occurs, the executive committee shall meet and select a new first vice-chairperson of the same sex.

The first vice-chairperson of the County Committee shall be the chairperson of the nomination committee for officers of the executive committee. The nominating committee shall be selected at the fall convention. (The call shall go out to the nominating committee and all those interested in running for office. Notice of candidacy must be made to the first vice-chairperson 14 days prior to election of officers.

Article 3

County Committee: (As found in Sec. 599 Election Laws, State of Michigan.

After the officers of the county committee have taken office, the executive committee shall select a County Committee for the party which committee shall consist of at least two members of each precinct in addition to the precinct delegates, all paid party members, and members and officers of the executive committee.

Filling Vacancies:

The County Committtee shall have the power to fill any vacancy which may occur in the membership of said committee.

Terms of Office:

The term of service of a County Committee shall continue for a period of two years and until the selection of its successors.

Conducting Business:

Business of the County Committee shall be done by standing or special committees approved by a majority of the group present.

The Standing Committees are

  • Membership Issues
  • 10th, 8th, 4th District Fundraising
  • Candiates Publicity
  • Finance Newsletter

All other committees shall be considered special committees

Committees are to report their business at county committee meetings with a time limit of 5 minutes. Discussion on reports shall also be limited to a reasonable time limit. The chairperson shall then move to new business.

A committee has no right to incur any debt involving the Midland County Democratic Party, unless given full authority to do so.

Special Committee:

A special committee shall submit a full summarized report of the committee’s concluded business to the officers of the Executive Committee.

Article 4: Resolutions:

A. Resolutions are to be introduced under new business.

B. Resolutions may be passed only by the Executive Committee with a majority vote required for passage except for resolutions critical of a Party member, in which case a 2/3 vote in required for passage. A quorum is defined as in Article 6. A party member is defined in Article 1.

Resolutions critical of a Party member must be submitted in writing to the Officers of the Executive Committee and to the person who is the subject of the resolution 14 days before the meeting when it is to be introduced.

(section “B”, per amendment, 4/21/82)

By-Laws Ammendment

June 23, 1980

Article 5.

Following those procedures set down in the book of Roberts Rules, the following amendment to the By-laws has been unanimously adopted:

Henceforth, that all officers of the Executive committee be required to attend a minimum of three (3) Officer Board Meetings and two (2) regular County Executive meetings per year; and that this amendment be made known to all candidates for officer position.


November 14, 1973

Midland County Democratic Executive Board

Article 6.

Standing Rule 1

Whereas, the Midland County Democratic Executive Board comprises two classes of members, (a) statutory members who were candidates for or who hold elective office, and (b) elected members, And whereas, by virtue of office or other responsibilities, such statutory members may not be able to attend executive board meetings,

Be it resolved that a Quorum of the Midland County Executive Committee shall consist of a number of persons equal to a majority of the elected members,

Provided that the meeting was properly stated or properly called, so that all members may be aware of it; and that , if possible, advance notice shall be given of controversial issues.

The number of members who constitute a quorum shall be 10, 9, 14 at this time.

Article 7.

Standing Rule 2

Additional persons, designated by the board, may be selected to serve as ex officio members of the board, in order to better perform their specific functions.

Article 8. Fundraising

After deliberation, this By-laws Amendments Committee proposes a by-law Finance Committee be appointed, with responsibilities for fund-raising, budget and financial planning, auditing, and compliance with FEC regulations. Treasurer to be a member “ex officio”.

(per amendment 4/21/82)

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