What We Value

The Midland County Democratic Party believes that our elected lawmakers should use their political influence and their position to ensure legislation considers the everyday needs of the people of Michigan. Our lawmakers should appropriate tax dollars to services that benefit all.

The Needs of Michiganders

Education:  Every child has a right to a quality education. We need to invest in our kids so they can compete in the 21st Century economy and succeed. We need to support our educators and ensure they have the necessary resources to teach our children.

Economics:  Michigan needs be an inviting place for entrepreneurs and innovators. Our policies should encourage companies to stay in the U.S. and those who have sustainable business practices. Small businesses and corporations that pay living wages to their employees and create products to meet residents’ needs should also be encouraged and supported.

Infrastructure:  We must fix our roads and bridges. We cannot build a booming economy with a crumbling infrastructure. Investments in infrastructure now will have long-term benefits for our society.

Equality: Discrimination cannot be tolerated in Michigan. We have a rich and diverse history of welcoming people from different backgrounds. All Michiganders should have equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. We believe all humans are endowed with equal and unalienable rights. The U.S. and Michigan Constitutions ensure the legitimacy and equity of those rights.

Voter suppression and gerrymandering are undemocratic. We support non-partisan redistricting to ensure voting equality.

Natural Resources:  We need our government to create policies that protect our Great Lakes. Michigan's Great Lakes contain 1/5 of all the world’s fresh water. Legislators must have higher standards for those seeking to use our resources. This will help ensure that we keep our air, water, and land clean. Our policies should promote renewable energy as not only an alternative for fossil fuels for environmental reasons but as an economic opportunity with long term benefits for communities.

The goal of MCDP is to recruit, develop, support, and elect responsible leaders who will make a difference in the lives of all Michigan residents. Check out the section on Candidate Recruitment to learn more about how to help us.

We will work with and support other local and state organizations prioritizing democratic values and positions. We gladly welcome community supporters to join us for a meeting or Contact Us to discuss collaborating.

Our monthly meetings take place on the third Wednesday, 6:30pm in the County Building, 220 W. Ellsworth.  We do not meet in August or in December.

We hope to see you there!