Courageous Community Convos: Q & A with Sarah Schulz

Join us for a 60 minute Courageous Community Conversation on Tuesday, August 18th at 7pm EST as we share space virtually and get to know Sarah Schulz, our 98th District Democratic House of Representatives nominee.

Building Relationship and understanding through conversation, this space is intended to create a "brave" container where we can begin to share truth, story, struggle and shine light on the effort it takes and the willingness required so we may all one day breathe into a free and just world for all.

It begins right here where we stand.

This is a space for curiosity and deep listening.

We will hold many truths and complexities as we remember we are not always like minded – we are however, always like hearted.

This is a space to remember this is about collective care and well being – no warrior left behind.

Alignment 8 stands for unity, liberation and the deep soul remembering that we are all in this together and there is no separation. This is about the Soul and knowing the political landscape creates the ground we have to reside on. So may we do the work and bear the effort of imaging something greater.

There is power in the people and power in conversation.

As always, all are welcome here regardless of political identities or affiliations. Lets live beyond the label and see one another for the miracles beings we are.

Come open. Curious. Kind. and Hopeful.
Space will be shared by Keri Kenney & Sarah Schulz

Virtual Meeting through zoom:

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