President and Vice President of the United States

Clinton-Kaine_blue_v2The 2016 Democratic National Convention was held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia July 25th-28th, 2016.

The Democratic Convention is the formal nominating event for the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President.  At the Convention, the Democratic Party also adopts the official Democratic Party platform.

The much more positive and progressive Democratic convention process in the City of Brotherly Love was a stark contrast to the  gold-gilded and politically shunned Republican convention held the previous week in the blue-collar rust-belt city of Cleveland, Ohio.

On Tuesday, July 26, convention delegates formally nominated Hillary Clinton for president of the United States of America.  In doing so, they made history by choosing a woman to be the first standard-bearer of a major political party, a breakthrough underscored by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton's progressive opponent. 

When he cast the last nominating vote for the Green Mountain state on the convention floor, Sanders urged all Democrats to rally behind Hillary Clinton and her vice presidential running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

On Thursday, July 28th, both Clinton and Kaine accepted their party's nomination. 

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